Quant investment tools for an increasingly digital landscape

When it comes to wealth management, the go-to strategy begins and ends with the efficient application of technology encrypted in futuristic insights.

From robo advisors, eKYC, next generation white label executions-only platform, to the use of quant tools for investment marketplace or real time portfolio management; we have everything you need to successfully meet the wealth management demands of an increasingly digital landscape.

One platform, multiple software solutions, catering to many – that’s XTG WealthTech in a nutshell.

Portfolio Analyzer

Be the competitive differentiator in a digitally transforming world. With the next generation tools you can now have agile, fast and cost-effective solutions for an end-to-end efficient portfolio management. Discover how to optimally diversify portfolio and limit the downside risk.


Robo Advisor

An automated wealth management service, which transforms your investments or dormant savings using intelligent asset allocation, wide selection of portfolios- into profitable investment assets. With this simple, low cost and straightforward digital wealth management tool, managing any level of investment style is effortless.

Real-time portfolio value

Receive real-time updates of portfolio positions and keep track of the stock performance and its value with the efficient XTG portfolio tracker.


Get the consolidated record of the complete financial performance in a consistent and transparent manner. Analyze your financial portfolio and get an in-depth understanding of your investments, savings, and financial performance at any given time.

Investment marketplace

Designed to fully analyze and allocate financial plans that fit individual budget schemes, future plans and achieve the ultimate financial goal. With the tailored wealth planning investment market plan tool- optimal performance is assured at all times.


Simplify the tedious process of customer registration/ profile authentication by going paperless with XTG eKYC. Now you can eliminate the entire turnaround paper work and time while maintaining transparency by electronically verifying customer credentials.