The key to smart Trading

It takes more than just luck to unlock the art of smart trading. With the right information, tools and support in place, you can build the ultimate trading platform in no time.

From trading software development, exchange market data adapter, exchange order gateway to automated strategy engine – each of which designed to fully comprehend the modern trading environment and meet successful trading demands. This is where luck actually comes to play- your being – at the right place at the right time.

Trading software development

When it comes to trading, it comes down to trading faster and smarter. XTG Trading Software creates a fully integrated and efficient world of trading with end-to-end trading solutions. From connecting across multi-markets/ multi-assets, analyzing market data, managing risks, data-driven trading strategies to order routing; you get just what you need and beyond for a high performance trading platform.

Exchange market data adapter

Sourcing real-time market data is complex and costly. For the successful navigation in the global trading market place, the efficient application of the market data is needed.

XTG Market Data Adapter sources the market data from different exchanges and transforms the normalised market data into actionable trading information. With XTG Market Data Adapter you can now easily assess the worth of various assets, create strategies, tailor real-time data center/ market data solutions and much more; and capture the right trading opportunities.

Exchange Order Gateway

XTG Exchange Order Gateway offers intelligent routing, ensures data flow among front-end applications, exchanges and the reporting applications, efficient execution with robust, low- latency access to trading venues and much more. Successfully navigate through today’s complex and highly fragmented markets and improve overall trading performance while significantly reducing network costs.

Automated strategy engine

With XTG’s Automated Strategy Engine, trades will be performed automatically- be it of stocks, currencies, commodities, credit products or so; and with complete visibility. From trade execution management to automated rebalancing and monitoring, the automated strategy engine smoothly integrates proprietary logic and third-party trade workflow component.

Maximize your trading efficiency with XTG’s Automated Strategy Engine starting now.